Rune Will Meet His Match

Rune Abaddon is finally going to meet a woman who will give him hell….

The Traitor is coming late summer 2021. Cover coming soon!


Rune smiled at the image on his screen. A picture from Drake and Cami’s wedding. The happy couple surrounded by the team.

His team. His brothers.

A strange tradition the humans had…weddings. Then again, they had no way of knowing for sure that the choice of mate they’d made was right or would even last. Not like dragons did. So perhaps sharing some kind of vow was an appropriate way to dedicate your life to one person when a bond of fire wasn’t possible. Sad for them.

He still didn’t think it right that Cami continued to endanger her family by holding on to that relationship. But that was her problem. And Drake’s now.

I should have been there.

He might have tried it if Skylar had still been around to send him. But the phoenix had disappeared. She’d only told Tyrek where she’d gone, and the old shifter wasn’t sharing much. Something about saving another supernatural creature from a rogue dragon shifter.

Not one of his, at least.

Either way, that handy teleportation was no longer something he had in his arsenal, which meant days, or even weeks, of travel time. Out in the open. With a target painted on his back in big black circles.

Bad didn’t begin to describe the idea of any kind of movement right now.

A hushed beeping went off on one of the monitors in the room. A sensor monitoring the mountain around them. Probably a damn goat or other animal native to the area. With a sigh, he shut down the computer, then pushed back from the desk and rolled to the monitor showing the sensor that had been tripped. With a couple of keystrokes, he brought up the camera situated there.

And froze.

“What the fuck?” He looked closer, but that didn’t change the image on his screen.

A woman was climbing his mountain. With a system of ropes and what appeared to be more gear than she should be able to handle, but that didn’t make it not real.

Awareness tightened in his belly as he took in grainy details of a gamine face with large eyes, blue maybe, made more piquant by the short cut of her dark hair. But it was the look of total determination that had him staring harder, his dragon giving a low rumble of approval.

As he watched, she glanced up and stilled. Could she see the camera? After staring directly into it, almost like she was looking right at him, she spoke. Except the camera wasn’t set up for sound, so he couldn’t hear her.

But he didn’t need to. He could read her lips just fine.

“I’m looking for Rune Abaddon.”

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