Workshop for Nor Cal Romance Writers

Hey y’all! I am giving my awesome (if I do say so myself) ORGANIZE YOUR WRITING LIFE workshop to the NorCal Romance Writers.

This is a virtual workshop, open to all writers!

DATE: May 21, 9:30am PT
TOPIC: Organize Your Writing Live (One Note)

Are you overwhelmed by everything you have to remember as an author? Social media and marketing a constant struggle? Do you have handouts and notes from workshops and never use them but would like to someday? Even your email inbox is crazy? This workshop will give you tried and true methods for staying on top of your email, craft notes, social media, and marketing as an author. We’ll primarily focus on Microsoft OneNote as tools to help you get organized (including an overview on how to use OneNote). Materials can easily be translated to other email and note-taking methods.

Bonus: These methods and tips can also be helpful in your personal and professional lives aside from writing!

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