Galley for My First Hardcover!

Everyone has dreams for their life, or I hope you do at least. Goals or wonderful things you’d like to happen. Dreams are a good thing. For me, being an author has always been the dream. But now that I am one, I’m finding that there are small things within that dream. To start it was just about being published. Then to have someone other than family or friends like the book. I still marvel at every single book by the way.

One of those new dreams is having a book in hardback. And it’s almost here!

This week I’ve been hard at work with my publisher Entangled getting the final version of The Liar’s Crown ready to go to the printer. Yes this includes final nitpicky edits. But for a hardcover, I’m learning there are other details that get to be decided. Things like a shorter bio for the inside cover flap. Things like a short excerpt. And even more fun, I think, things like inside art. Beautiful artwork for the chapter breaks and section breaks.

Seeing all this has me dancing, because opportunities like this don’t come around often. I know how lucky I am, and I’m soaking every second up.

Not much longer to wait to hold the finished book in my hands. Just a few short summer months (coming Aug 30th – preorder now)!

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