Boas & Tiaras with Fresh Fiction

This weekend, along with authors Cathy Maxwell and Amber Royer, I got to be one of the guest authors for Fresh Fiction’s return to in-person BOAS & TIARAS. And I had a blast!

As always, Fresh Fiction puts on a great event. We had a wonderful meal at Lavendou in Dallas, TX. Great food. Great talk about books and movies and romance. Lots of time to get to chat with folks. Fun games and giveaways. And then a signing!

My mother-in-law also came, which was a real treat to share this with her. And my tiara is actually my wedding tiara–appropriate for a romance writer, right? My highlight might have been a reader who had read my book The Traitor as an intern for my publisher and brought a printed out copy for me to sign. So cool!!!

It was so nice to see faces in person and everyone was absolutely lovely!

Thanks again for inviting me, Fresh Fiction!

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  1. I think it’s so cool how many events and contests you’ve been invited to or been added to. If you’ve wondered before, wonder no more! You’ve made it! 😍

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