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Anyone who’s known me about 5 minutes knows that I keep my life–especially my author life–organized using OneNote.

I got a chance to join Craig and Roland at Hidden Gems for their awesome Fully Booked podcast. We chatted about how I do it and tips for authors looking for a way to get started with OneNote.

I conquer the world with OneNote, and hope you find something helpful for your own world conquering!


Keep Your Publishing Empire Organized With OneNote

In previous episodes, we’ve discussed the benefits authors earn by staying organized – a complicated enough task for the independent author, who needs to do so much more than simply write their books, and one that becomes even more complex with each new novel published. 

Everybody has their preferences on how to keep track of everything, with ingenious authors creating systems that range from using handwritten notes to creating complex spreadsheets. However, there is one piece of software that today’s guest believes is ideally suited for the task, and one she’s become somewhat of an expert in using. 

Microsoft’s OneNote is part of the Office suite, which means that many of us probably already have the software installed, but have likely never even opened it. Yet author Abigail Owen makes a solid case for how it’s the best option available for organizing and keeping track of not only your entire catalog of novels, but even your personal life! Today, Abigail sits down with Fully Booked to go through the different features of the software that she thinks are key to keeping your writing and publishing career organized, and even how to apply that organization to other aspects of your life.


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