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The desert dominion of Aryd is Meren’s home in the Dominions series…

Having lived near and taken many trips to and through various deserts of the American southwest, I have found myself fascinated with how many different topographies there are in deserts. A recent trip through Death Valley really stuck with me. All the colors. All the layers. The stark and sometimes deadly beauty. The intense heat (and I’m from Texas, so I know heat). 

When I decided to make each of the dominions in The Liar’s Crown reflect a biome (desert, tundra, plains, maritime, rainforest, boreal mountains) I wanted to have a lot of fun with the different looks and feels of each. 

For the desert dominion of Aryd, I particular loved the idea of showcasing deserts in all their beautiful, colorful variation similar to what we have all over our world. In the collage you can see…

  • The flat, white stretches of the Salt Flats of the south with the Patience Mountains in the background
  • The blue Lazuli Desert in the east where Horus’s zariphate hails from.
  • The glittering, black Obsidian Desert where the burning lands can be found (just pretend you can’t see the walls along the shore).
  • And in the west, and the Crimson Desert with its canyons and spires to the north. 

And guess what? The waterfall and oasis you see in the Crimson Desert picture is the real life inspiration for a spot you’ll read about in The Shadows Rule All!


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