Seneca’s Faith

The wrong mate…could heal a nation.

The Delaney Dare needs a new leader—one from outside, after their own Alpha’s actions led to the shifter war. Gage McAvoy has agreed to marry one of the previous Alpha’s daughters and try to keep the dare from falling apart. Unfortunately, the daughter he’s agreed to marry is not the one he wants.

Seneca Delaney is a known latent, unable to shift. She’s remained in her dare, enduring rejection and isolation all her life, even from her own father, because she had no other place to go. Standing on the sidelines yet again while Gage marries her older sister is the last thing she wants to do.

Then circumstance throws her together with the one man she can’t have, trying to save a nation of shifters who don’t want her, and risking the exposure of lifelong secrets that could result not only in her death, but in Gage’s.


Thank you for your interest in my first adult paranormal romance books/series.

These stories are near and dear to my heart. Even now I love to go back and reread them, fall in love with the characters and world all over again, and also appreciate how far I’ve come as a writer since then.

While my Shadowcat Nation books are no longer available widely, if you’re interested in this vintage title, you can purchase an ebook copy at Smashwords.


This story does not disappoint!…There is a whole world that explodes in fight scenes, assassins and peace treaties that are being brokered through the love story of Fated Mates…A must read for shifter fans!
~InD’tale Magazine


2016 | 2022




  • 2017 RONE Awards | Short Paranormal Romance | Nominee



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