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Favorite Hero Archetypes

I write romance, which means I come across similar character archetypes regularly. The fun part of these as an author is taking something well-known and putting my own fun spin on it. The fun part of these as a reader is having my favorite archetypes to read. I’m drawn to certain archetypes more than others. Most readers are.┬áDon’t lie. You know you have your … Read More Favorite Hero Archetypes

Halloween Monsters: Zombies

Okay, so technically mummies are more traditional as Halloween monsters than zombies. BUTthe new season of The Walking Dead starts today, so my next Halloween monster is zombies. ­čÖé Unlike with many of the Halloween creatures Ive been looking at, where┬ávarious cultures across the world have some form dating back to antiquity , zombies seem to be a newer concept with roots in various … Read More Halloween Monsters: Zombies

Perfect Is Boring

As romance readers and writers we can easily fall into the trap of perfect. This is, after all, fiction and involves a certain amount (some romance books more than others) of fantasy. If you could fantasize your perfect guy and put him on paper what characteristics would you include? Most, including me, would probably describe the perfect man6 foot tall with abs of steel, … Read More Perfect Is Boring

Editing Technique: Ask Questions

I received comments back from a new beta reader for me the other day, and something she did really struck home. She asked questions! Lots of them. It occurred to me that this was a fabulous technique which filled a personal gap for me in terms of my writing. I am not naturally a questioner, which means I rely heavily on my note taking … Read More Editing Technique: Ask Questions

Adding Character to a Scene in Layers

I consider myself to be a character driven writer.┬áThe tricky part with writing side characters is giving them a voice without letting them take over the page, but at the same time not letting them just be place holders or extras in the scene. Even harder, I find, is writing a cast of characters and not having the voices blend together. I cant say … Read More Adding Character to a Scene in Layers

Going Overboard with Deep POV

Im going to take a moment for a mini-rant today about deep POV. For those who dont know, I define Deep POV as this: when you are writing a character you are as deep into their point of view (POV) as you can get, trying to express their reactions, thoughts, feelings, and experiences (sensory or otherwise). As a theory/idea, I love deep POV. You … Read More Going Overboard with Deep POV

The Little Things: And, But, So, Then…

At the moment I’m balancing several projects in various states. I was in the process of getting beta reads done on my contemporary skydiving book and got feedback from Wendy that I’d developed the habit of starting sentences with “And” and “But” more frequently. Sure enough, I did a search and it was an embarrassing number. Only a few days later, I got the … Read More The Little Things: And, But, So, Then…

OneNote for Authors: Tracking Querys

As an author, one of the more detailed activities I do – outside of writing – is querying. I have to keep track of both agents and editors I am querying. There are a lot of details to keep on top of when querying. I use OneNote to track it all. This post assumes you know the basics of OneNote and how to create … Read More OneNote for Authors: Tracking Querys

The Little Things: Chapter Beginnings & Endings

Often times, the little things are what count the most. I find that to be true both in life and in writing. In this series of blog posts, I plan to take a look at some of the little things I’ve learned over the years as a writer and share what I’ve found most effective in helping me tighten my craft. Today, let’s take … Read More The Little Things: Chapter Beginnings & Endings

OneNote for Authors: Social Media Management

Technology has made the world of the author into something very different from what it once was. Not only do we have the ability to self-publish and reach a mass audience through ebooks, but marketing has changed with the advent of┬ásocial media. The level at which you do this is entirely personal preference. You’ll find scads of articles both for and against large use … Read More OneNote for Authors: Social Media Management