OneNote for Authors: Social Media Management

Technology has made the world of the author into something very different from what it once was. Not only do we have the ability to self-publish and reach a mass audience through ebooks, but marketing has changed with the advent of¬†social media. The level at which you do this is entirely personal preference. You'll find... Continue Reading →

The Little Things: Chapter Length

Often times, the little things are what count the most. I find that to be true both in life and in writing. In this series of blog posts, I plan to take a look at some of the little things I've learned over the years as a writer and share what I've found most effective... Continue Reading →

OneNote for Authors: Character Templates

Now that I've covered the "How To's" for several of the OneNote basics that I use frequently as an author (Getting Started, Links & Files, Tables, Drawing Tools), let's get into real specifics for authors. Today I'm going to go into how you can use OneNote for your character discovery and tracking. I'll go over... Continue Reading →

OneNote for Authors: Drawing Tools

As an author who likes to write series, a tool to help me keep track of characters relationships in the form of a family tree-style chart is very helpful. OneNote meets some basic needs with drawing tools. I like Microsoft's PowerPoint tools for this even more. I'll cover both here today. OneNote Drawing Tools To... Continue Reading →

OneNote for Authors: Links & Files

Continuing from where we left of in my previous posts on OneNote about Getting Started and Tables, today let's talk about the basics for links and files and some ways authors can use them. LINKS USES This one will probably be a little self-evident. It's another method of keeping track of all your links. However,... Continue Reading →

OneNote for Authors: Tables

Continuing from where we left of in my previous post on OneNote about Getting Started, today let's talk about the basics for tables and some ways authors can use them. TABLE USES Tables have a TON of uses for us authors. They help organize your information in rows and columns. So any information that you... Continue Reading →

What’s another way to say… ?

I frequently run against a scene where I repeat a word over and over again. I try very hard not to do this, and Wendy is great a catching times when I did without realizing it. In fact, it drives me bananas when I find it in books, or worse, song lyrics. Sometimes, you have... Continue Reading →

OneNote for Authors: Getting Started

In my super-secret under-cover life (a.k.a. my day job), I frequently teach people various organization skills - from keeping up with emails, to task management, to home org tips and tricks. I thought it might be fun to share some tips on one of the tools I use both in my author life and my... Continue Reading →

Cover Art Adventure

I've mentioned in previous posts that I plan to start doing my own book covers. I had planned to start with Sarai's Fortune. I designed three covers for the book and was going to do a cover vote this month. Then Andromeda's Fall and the Shadowcat Nation series were contracted by The Wild Rose Press... Continue Reading →

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