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A Method That Works for Me

Especially over the last few years, I’ve been developing a style and method of writing that works best for me. In May I tried a workshop that really clicked with how I operate. First, huge thanks to Candace Havens for her Book In a Month Workshop. This workshop had us writing a book in one month. I’m not going to give away any of … Read More A Method That Works for Me

Pacing: Avoiding Rush Hour and Rollercoasters

Pacing can be one of the trickier elements of writing a book (and one I’m definitely still working on with every book I write). There is a delicate balance to placing all the most important moments in the book in such a way that they flow naturally. You don’t want the minor elements to drag it down to rush hour slowness, and you also … Read More Pacing: Avoiding Rush Hour and Rollercoasters

Having Fun With Dialogue

Guest Post Re-Post: Originally posted 3/31/2014 on Cherry Mischievous as a guest post. Part of my Andromeda’s Fall blog tour organized by Masquerade Crew. ***** I love dialogue. As a reader, I love to see the interaction between characters – especially enjoy a good witty exchange. As a writer, I think it’s one of my favorite portions of a book to write. I honestly think I enjoy … Read More Having Fun With Dialogue

Self-Publishing: Amazon Kindle Overview

This post is for first-time self-publishers or those considering it. I frequently get asked about how difficult it is to do the actual publishing part, how much it costs, etc.  The good news is, it’s really not difficult at all, and it can be totally free, depending on how much you want to do yourself. I’m going to break this into a few posts … Read More Self-Publishing: Amazon Kindle Overview

Improving My Writing – Finding Resources

I have a personal goal to constantly improve my craft. The past few years, my classroom has been my world of self-publishing. Slowly building an awesome team – like my editor, my critique group, other authors, etc – has been invaluable on so many levels. Even more important, writing, writing and more writing has helped me to find my voice, discover a method that … Read More Improving My Writing – Finding Resources

Pinterest for Writers: Brainstorming a Book

When I was first setting up various social media sites for my author-related stuff, I hadn’t been on Pinterest yet. At first, I wasn’t entirely sure what an author would possibly use it for. As I’ve developed my personal uses for it over time, I’ve discovered that one of my favorite things to do with Pinterest is brainstorming and visualizing new books. As an … Read More Pinterest for Writers: Brainstorming a Book

6 Tips for Book Bloggers (From a Guest Post Author’s POV)

I have just wrapped up a whirlwind, month-long, 25-stop book blog tour. I had a blast doing it, and all of the bloggers were great and easy to work with. Doing so many stops in succession, I was able to compare my experiences with the different bloggers. Not in a bad way, more in a “that one thing they did was really helpful” kind … Read More 6 Tips for Book Bloggers (From a Guest Post Author’s POV)

Tips for New Authors (Finishing Your First Book)

Over the last year, I’ve had several readers email me or post comments on various social media about how they want to be writers too and did I have any tips for them. I’ve been surprised, and honored, and slightly intimidated by the requests. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a person like your work enough to think of you as someone who could … Read More Tips for New Authors (Finishing Your First Book)

Story Boarding Book #3

With Hyacinth just recently launched, I’m still deep into the marketing of my new book. However, I’m also moving on to book #3 of the Svatura series (as yet unnamed). I know the key plot points for book #3. I had to figure out the full series so that I set up what needed to be set up in Hyacinth. Because of all the … Read More Story Boarding Book #3

How To Publish a Print Version of A Book

Once I had published my debut novel, Blue Violet, on Kindle, I thought that the bulk of the publishing work was behind me. However, I underestimated two things: the number of people who still prefer print and how long it would take me to get the print version published. I always planned on publishing a print version of the book. But I wasted precious time … Read More How To Publish a Print Version of A Book