OneNote for Authors: Links & Files

Continuing from where we left of in my previous posts on OneNote about Getting Started and Tables, today let’s talk about the basics for links and files and some ways authors can use them.

This one will probably be a little self-evident. It’s another method of keeping track of all your links. However, for authors, OneNote is a better option to just tagging favorites.
Authors do a LOT of research. For the seven books I’ve written so far I’ve researched things including locations, local customs, history, cultures, how tos (barrel racing training, what it’s like to be a large animal vet). You name it.
Rather than having a list of links and not remembering what information I got from which link, I copy from the websites and paste the most important research tidbits into OneNote. The link for the source of the information is automatically included at the bottom of the data. Or, I’ll keep pages in OneNote that are common to multiple projects with lists of links that are all related. For example. I have a page with a list of links to web pages listing Southern expressions.
You can insert a file into a OneNote page. The use for this, I find, is to be able to access files easily that related directly to the information on that page. Some examples…
On my pages for a particular book, I’ll insert files for draft stages (1st draft, 2nd draft, post Wendy edits, final draft, etc.) I find that once it’s been long enough after I’ve published a book, if I want to go back and look, I can’t remember exactly which version of a file was that one. Even naming them appropriately, I often have multiple copies of drafts.
1. Open OneNote
2. Go to the Notebook > Section > Page where you want to place the link or links
3. Copy the link OR copy text or an image on the website
4. Paste onto the page
1. Open OneNote
2. Go to the Notebook > Section > Page where you want to place the file
3. Go to the “Insert” Menu at the top
4. Click “File Attachment”
5. Find the file you wish to attach
6. Click the “Ok” button
7. Select how to attach
     – “Attach File” just attaches the file – use for larger files
     – “Insert Printout” attaches it with a view of the content – use only for shorter files
***Note: You can also attach a file by clicking and dragging (or coping/pasting) from a Windows Explorer File.
***Note: You can also create new or attach existing spreadsheets. You can do screenshots and insert. Or manage pictures. All from the “Insert” menu in OneNote.

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