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Halloween Monsters: Witches

Every year around this time I do a little research on a different traditional Halloween monster. This year, I’m taking a quick look at the evolution of witches. Most of the traditional Halloween monsters–vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein, mummies, zombies–are considered monsters for the main reason that people believed they would harm them. But each of those monsters, more than witches, also come with a physical … Read More Halloween Monsters: Witches

Bait N’ Witch Release Day!

LEGENDARY CONSULTANTS #3 In love with her the witch hunter father of her charges… Rowan McAuliffe has been hiding most of her life. Secretly trained in her powers by an unusual source, she’d been taught not to trust anyone. Especially other witches. However, after she was forced to perform a hateful act against her will, she now hides from the Mage High Council who seek … Read More Bait N’ Witch Release Day!

Bait N’ Witch Progress Update

If youve read any of my Legendary Consultants stories, you know that a red haired witch is due for a story. Thanks to the usual life and other plans get in the way I have bumped my release for Bait N Witch out to January 2017, and am (still) working on the first draft right now. I have to say, this one is giving me … Read More Bait N’ Witch Progress Update