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In love with her the witch hunter father of her charges…

Rowan McAuliffe has been hiding most of her life. Secretly trained in her powers by an unusual source, she’d been taught not to trust anyone. Especially other witches. However, after she was forced to perform a hateful act against her will, she now hides from the Mage High Council who seek answers, and possibly her life.Greyson Masters is the Council’s best enforcer–a witch hunter who lays down the law. Despite the danger of his job, Greyson is also raising his triplet daughters. Alone. Budding new witches who display an alarming combined power no one understands. Too bad he hasn’t got a clue how to deal with them.

Little does Greyson realize that the new nanny sent to him by Legendary Consultants is the very witch he is hunting. When the truth is revealed, can these two opposing forces find a way to listen to their hearts? Or will Greyson have to follow orders and kill Rowan–the one woman who has made his soul come alive?

Novel | Self-Published | 1/20/2017




✭✭✭✭✭ If one is inclined to enjoy a steamy, paranormal, characterdriven tale with heart and humor then “Bait N’ Witch” delivers on all fronts!…Just when one thinks these two will get their HEA, a frightening wrench is thrown into the works and an anxious nailbiting reader must race to the end to discover the outcome. Sprinkled with humor and a bit of mystery, this is one delicious romance that will satisfy even the most jaded of palates. ~InD’tale Magazine

✭✭✭✭✭ I swear, there were times when sparkly dust should be coming down, then again, there were times darkness and fear rode roughshod…Park your broom, brew some tea and settle in for some wonderful reading! ~Tome Tender

✭✭✭✭1/2 Although the novel is short, the story is rich and completely satisfying. We are intrigued by the ending and continue to wonder about what and who Delilah is. If you enjoy lighthearted but passionate fantasy romance, you might just want to pick up the Legendary Consultants series. ~That’s What I’m Talking About

✭✭✭✭✭ This book is another one in a series and somehow each book gets better! I loved this story it was an unexpected way to move the story and give more information on some more characters. Rowan’s character is so likable and Greyson and his girls are charming. I can’t wait to see what this author’s next move for this series will be. Please don’t stop!! ~Fanatical Paranormal Romantical



Using the same spell she’d cast on her first day to track their path, she followed the girls’ sparkling footsteps up the side of the mountain into the thick wood. About to round a large granite boulder, a masculine hand clamped around her mouth. Her assailant grabbed her from behind, his arm wrapping around her stomach. Terror slammed through her system. Heart pounding and adrenalin spiking, she dropped her flashlight and formed energy balls in her hands with a single thought.

“It’s Greyson,” a deep male voice murmured in her ear. The warmth lighting up on her wrist had already told her that.

Immediately the energy, which she had pulled from her own body, dissipated back into her system, leaving her both drained and charged simultaneously. In the same instant, she became horribly aware of the hard length of Grey’s body, pressed up against her back.

“You won’t scream?” he asked.

She shook her head, and slowly he removed his hand from her mouth and turned her to face him, though he didn’t step back. She raised her gaze to find him watching her closely, a finger held to his lips.

“You scared the hell out of me,” she hissed quietly.

Amusement crinkled his eyes, visible in the glow of her flashlight, which fell with the beam illuminating their feet. He leaned forward, lips at her ear. “Sorry. I didn’t want you to stop the girls.”

Rowan gave an involuntary shudder as his breath tickled over her skin. At the same time, she took a mental step back, unable to physically do so, prevented by the boulder at her back. Attraction to Grey equaled bad fucking idea. She refused to acknowledge the growing awareness between them. Instead, she focused her mind elsewhere, on why they were both in the dark woods in the first place. Why would Grey want his daughters to sneak out?

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