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What Would You Do?

What would you think if freak fires popped up around you regularly, destroying property if not lives? What would you do? Would you think you were crazy? Move across the country hoping it had something to do with the creepy guy in your life? What if the fires followed you to your new home? EXCERPT FROM THE BOSS Plumes of smoke seeped out of … Read More What Would You Do?


Is He Really That Irresistible?

It’s amazing how closely linked strong emotions can be. Fear, passion, need. But in a moment when you’re bombarded by all of those conflicting inputs, what can you believe? EXCERPT FROM THE BOSS As soon as she saw who stood outside, she sucked in a breath—fear and frustration in equal parts pumping through her system. Finn. She didn’t know if she wanted to punch … Read More Is He Really That Irresistible?

Her Demigod Complex – Excerpt

Her Demigod Complex, the first book in my Legendary Consultants series, is up for a RONE Award for best novella. This week I’ll be at InD’Scribe Con and will find out the RONE winners Saturday night. I’m really looking forward to it! 🙂 Here’s a short excerpt from Demigod, just for fun!   EXCERPT “How’d it go?” Castor’s voice had her swinging her gaze … Read More Her Demigod Complex – Excerpt

Who Is In More Danger? – Black Orchid Excerpt

Black Orchid, the fourth and final book of the Svatura series, will be out this Monday. Of the four books, this one might just be my favorite. Here is a quick excerpt – a scene in which Nate and Adelaide don’t know each other. He’s not there for good reasons, but she has her own problems. And the question is, who is a greater … Read More Who Is In More Danger? – Black Orchid Excerpt

Hyacinth (Svatura #2) Excerpt

As we get closer to releasing all 4 books of the Svatura series (1 book a week for 4 weeks – date TBD), I’m getting more and more excited!!! I now have all the book covers (designed by Debbie Taylor and they’re gorgeous). We’ll be doing one big cover reveal August 6th!!!

How about an excerpt from Hyacinth to whet our appetites!

Tieryn’s Fury (Shadowcat Nation #3) Blurb & Excerpt

Tieryn’s Fury is the 3rd book in the Shadowcat Nation series. And it’s in my editor’s hands as we speak! A small spoiler if you haven’t read Sarai’s Fortune yet…the next book is about Shane and Tieryn. Here’s a short excerpt and my first pass at the blurb for you!   Blurb (Not Finalized): The day Shane Callahan lost his wife and was forced to … Read More Tieryn’s Fury (Shadowcat Nation #3) Blurb & Excerpt

Tieryn’s Fury Update

I took a different approach in writing Tieryn’s Fury, incorporating a lot of things that worked individually for the other books (as I’ve learned them from workshops and from trial and error) into a system that I think worked really well for me. I’m super pleased with the final book. I thought I’d share a bit and then an excerpt for you.

A Warning From A Polar Bear Shifter

A.J. let himself back into the cave. As he dropped inside, he suddenly faced a very wary cougar and polar bear, both ready to fight. Both relaxed when they saw it was he. Andie nodded. Saying nothing, she let herself out of the cave the way A.J. had come in. He shifted as he watched her leave, his lips set in a grim line. Zac shifted … Read More A Warning From A Polar Bear Shifter

Nick Loves Hannah…Or Does He? (Excerpt)

The following is an excerpt from Hannah’s Fate, my short story in the Here, Kitty Kitty anthology and the prequel to the Shadowcat Nation series. Here’s a sneak peek:   As soon as the door closed behind them, Hannah turned to Nick, panicked. But before she could say anything, he pulled her into his arms and covered her mouth with his. Every word and … Read More Nick Loves Hannah…Or Does He? (Excerpt)

The Scene that Started It All: Andromeda’s Fall Excerpt

I’ve posted before about how the initial idea for Andromeda’s Fall started with a single scene. This is that scene:   Andie lay close to the ground so she would blend in with the landscape should anyone be watching. She’d found an outcropping of rock that gave her an unobstructed view of the area she’d been assigned to patrol. The darkness was just barely illuminated … Read More The Scene that Started It All: Andromeda’s Fall Excerpt