What Would You Do?

What would you think if freak fires popped up around you regularly, destroying property if not lives? What would you do? Would you think you were crazy? Move across the country hoping it had something to do with the creepy guy in your life? What if the fires followed you to your new home? EXCERPT... Continue Reading →

Is He Really That Irresistible?

It's amazing how closely linked strong emotions can be. Fear, passion, need. But in a moment when you're bombarded by all of those conflicting inputs, what can you believe? EXCERPT FROM THE BOSS As soon as she saw who stood outside, she sucked in a breath—fear and frustration in equal parts pumping through her system.... Continue Reading →

The Boss | Chapter 1 Excerpt

The Boss (Fire's Edge #1) - Chapter 1 Excerpt PROLOGUE My mate. Finn Conleth had never experienced wonder, but this moment, looking down at the sweet, gentle human woman the fates had deigned to grant him as a mate, must’ve been it. Fear niggled at the back of his mind, but he pushed it away.... Continue Reading →

The Mate | Chapter 1 Excerpt

The Mate (Fire's Edge Prequel) - Chapter 1 Excerpt CHAPTER 1 What the hell am I doing here? The thought crossed Fallon’s mind for the thousandth time since the Mating Council notified him last week that his family brand had shown up on a new mate…and he was one of the possible matches. Hands stuffed... Continue Reading →

Seneca’s Faith (Shadowcat Nation #4) | Chapter 1

Seneca's Faith (Shadowcat Nation #4) - Chapter 1   CHAPTER 1 Consciousness returned along with a pounding headache and raging case of dry mouth. On the flip side, these two unpleasant realities were nicely balanced by the sound of Gage’s sexy voice murmuring in her ear. Seneca smiled and snuggled deeper under the covers, unwilling... Continue Reading →

Tieryn’s Fury (Shadowcat Nation #3) | Chapter 1

Tieryn's Fury (Shadowcat Nation #3) - Chapter 1   CHAPTER 1 “There’s no way Callahan will ever find out who was involved.” “His wife is dead. You don’t think he’ll want payback?” Although the wall Shane was attempting to listen through muffled the conversation, he caught the gist of it. The words, uttered by two... Continue Reading →

Her Demigod Complex – Excerpt

Her Demigod Complex, the first book in my Legendary Consultants series, is up for a RONE Award for best novella. This week I'll be at InD'Scribe Con and will find out the RONE winners Saturday night. I'm really looking forward to it! 🙂 Here's a short excerpt from Demigod, just for fun!   EXCERPT “How’d... Continue Reading →

Black Orchid (Svatura #4) | Chapter 1

Black Orchid (Svatura #4) - Chapter 1   PROLOGUE “Lila!” Adelaide Jenner screamed the panicked word into her sister’s mind. Lila was in the middle of explaining to the High Council her part in the most recent battle with their enemies. The debriefing had been going on for the past week. Technically, Adelaide wasn’t supposed... Continue Reading →

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