Queens of Sassy

My readers have probably figured out by now that I love a good sassy heroine. In fact, when I wrote a top list of literary heroines, I realized most of the had a solid streak of snark in them. By sassy I mean a total smart ass. Throw a good bit of sarcasm, snark, or... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 Heroes/Heroines

Guest Post Re-Post: Originally posted 9/17/2013 on Liberty Ann's SnifferWalk Books as a guest post. Part of my Crimson Dahlia blog tour organized by Paranormal Cravings. ***** When I first decided to write a post about my top 10 heroes/heroines, I thought, “Oh, this’ll be cake.” I write superpowers after all. In my newest release, Crimson Dahlia, which... Continue Reading →

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