Coming Up with Ideas…

One question I get asked the most, especially by readers or folks who don't write is--Won't I run out of ideas? My answer is always, "NOPE!" Honestly, the more I write, the more ideas I come up with. I blame it on my big imagination. Lol. I can just picture the entire world and I... Continue Reading →

The Origin of the Svatura Lights

One of the more unique characteristics in the Svatura series (at least in my opinion) came from two random suggestions, both from a somewhat unexpected source – my parents. First, a little background. The series features a group of people – known as the Svatura – who have extraordinary powers, each one a little different... Continue Reading →

Begging, Editing, Writing, & Ideas

That's right, I am in several different phases on several different projects at the moment. You know how much I love to be busy. Well, we're in a holding pattern on the move right now as we wait for our house to sell, so what better time to go crazy on my writing, right? (Actually,... Continue Reading →

OneNote for Authors: Social Media Management

Technology has made the world of the author into something very different from what it once was. Not only do we have the ability to self-publish and reach a mass audience through ebooks, but marketing has changed with the advent of social media. The level at which you do this is entirely personal preference. You'll find... Continue Reading →

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