Character Breakdown: Lila & Ramsey

I'm working on edits for Crimson Dahlia this week and going through old notes to make sure I don't change anything critical. I thought I'd share these character breakdowns with you for fun. These days - after taking an awesome workshop by Anna Stewart and Mel Curtis - I do a character breakdown before I... Continue Reading →

Writing the Spunky Heroine

I took an excellent workshop on character development from Anna Stuart and Mel Curtis a few months ago. During that workshop we discussed the book, Heroes & Heroines: Sixteen Master Archetypes which introduces different character archetypes for both the heroine and hero. (Excellent workshop and book - highly recommend both!). I discovered something about myself... Continue Reading →

Interview with Lila Jenner from Crimson Dahlia

Guest Post Re-Post: Originally posted 10/8/2013 on Literal Addiction as a guest post. Part of my Crimson Dahlia blog tour organized by Paranormal Cravings. ***** I met Lila Jenner for coffee and beignets while on a trip to New Orleans. She happened to be in the area and graciously offered to meet up with me and help me... Continue Reading →

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