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The Easiest Holiday Meal Ever | #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge

I have a confession to make… While I LOVE great food, and I can cook or bake just fine if I have to, I actually don’t like to cook or bake. I don’t enjoy being tied to the kitchen, probably because cooking is often one of those activities that I can’t multi-task. Just not my favorite. That being said, when I have folks over, … Read More The Easiest Holiday Meal Ever | #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge


Do or Do Not | #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge

Thanks to Yoda I have my marching orders. Do, or do not. There is no try. This week in the #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge, we’ve been prompted to write about our biggest fears. I could certainly go on and on about the usual ones many of us share–heights (Yes, I was a skydiver. I’m kookey that way.), spiders, elevators don’t thrill me. You get the … Read More Do or Do Not | #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge


Epilogue or Not? | #MFRW Author Challenge

Epilogues are another of my favorite tools as a romance writer. I don’t feel they are necessary or even as helpful for many other forms of fiction. However, with romance, they are almost a must in my opinion. According to Writer’s Digest there are six common uses for epilogues:


Prologue or Not? |#MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge

Prologues are the best!!! I love prologues both as a writer and as a reader! Can a bad one immediately turn the reader off? Absolutely. A bad prologue is one that is boring, does nothing to drive the story forward or give critical context, is too long, and/or is only used for an info dump. Is a prologue a good idea for every story?


Writing Rituals | #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge

This week we’re talking about writing rituals in the blog challenge. The thing is… I don’t think I have one I use consistently. I don’t rub a statue or blow kisses to the writing gods or open things in a certain order. I don’t have lucky socks or have to talk to my mom before I start or anything like that. What I do … Read More Writing Rituals | #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge


Collections of Collections | #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge

Everyone should have at least one collection. There is nothing like that moment when you find a precious new piece to add to it. It also gives friends and family something–not only as a good gift, but as a reminder. Every time I see Americana anything, I think of my mother, who taught American literature for most of her career and hosts a big … Read More Collections of Collections | #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge


Make Me Shudder #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge

Irrational Fears… This topic feels timely because I just gave one of my heroes one of my irrational fears. Honestly, I have several. I think most people do. The Indiana Jones movies tap into several. So do the Hobbit and LOTR movies. I bet you’re wondering what they are now. Well, I’ll tell you…


My Playlist for Life | #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge

Unlike with movies (Star Wars!), I don’t have one theme song that is my life anthem. Not really. I think maybe this is because I love a ton of different types of music and so to pick just one would be impossible. Plus, music is the soundtrack to my life. I often wish I had a boom box so I could play music in … Read More My Playlist for Life | #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge


Best (Recent) Writer Advice… #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge

Isn’t it funny how the right advice comes along just when you need it? Kind of like when you learn a word you’d never heard before, and suddenly you hear it everywhere?¬†There are piles of advice I’ve received over the years as a writer that I could list here. But if I did, I’d be here for days. Instead, how about I share the … Read More Best (Recent) Writer Advice… #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge

1st, 2nd, or 3rd – The Person Make a Big Difference #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge

Before I get into my personal preference, let’s touch on the different “persons” you can write from and make sure we’re all on the same page. 1st Person 1st person stories are written from a single point of view–that of the protagonist. The reader gets to float around inside that persons head seeing all their thoughts and every experience from their lens. The easiest … Read More 1st, 2nd, or 3rd – The Person Make a Big Difference #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge