Make Me Shudder #MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge

Irrational Fears… This topic feels timely because I just gave one of my heroes one of my irrational fears.
Honestly, I have several. I think most people do. The Indiana Jones movies tap into several. So do the Hobbit and LOTR movies. I bet you’re wondering what they are now.
Well, I’ll tell you…

I can’t stand them. It’s something to do with a creature that tiny being able to kill a human. That and the pincers. *shudder* I can’t watch the Aragog scene in Harry Potter  or the Shelob scene in LOTR.
“But Abbie, weren’t you a skydiver?” you ask.
Yup. But please remember these are irrational fears. Planes don’t bother me. Edges of mountains, tall buildings, and the thought of plummeting to a gruesome death bothers me. A lot. And, yes, my favorite place is the Rocky Mountains.  What can I say. I’m an enigma.
This is not so much a fear as an intense dislike. I am a natural introvert. Crowds of people stress me out. Interaction with groups of strangers is a struggle. I do much better in smaller group settings. I can do large groups and survive- even enjoy myself.  I just find it exhausting.
That’s about it. I don’t have issues with other things like the dark, flying, blood, snakes, rats, small spaces (okay elevators, but that’s more about dangling over a drop), germs, water, death, or other common fears.
How about you? What triggers your gut check reflex?
P.S. That hero is not a fan of snakes a la Indiana Jones. 🙂 But mostly because his brother got bit by a cottonmouth and almost died.

I am participating in MFRW’s 52-week blog challenge, and it’s a blog hop! If you want to see how other authors approach this topic, stroll on over to the other authors participating and find out how they deal with character profiles. Each author does it differently.

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  1. Oh wow! I could write a book about this one. I have been clinically diagnosed agoraphobic with panic attacks as well as basic anxiety disorder. Yep that is fun. It really doesn’t take much to set me off. A scene in a book has been known to put me into hysterics. Sometimes I will get an attack for no apparent reason. Those are really fun – trying to track down a trigger and deal. I have been working on this for a few years now. I can go outside now, sometimes, but only if I am accompanies. My daughter as been great. And crowds – Nope. Not good. I can do my grocery shopping in fifteen minutes – and spend $80.00. I am a master sprint shopper. All other shopping is done on line. Amazon is my friend. Yep Irrational fears are irrational!

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