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Setting Sarai’s Fortune in NYC

One of the main settings in Sarai’s Fortune is New York City. While I’ve visited several times, I still did some research and pinned a lot of my locations, models, and research. Check it out!

Falconry (Hands-On Research)

Knowing how fascinated I am with birds of prey (hey – I wrote them into my Svatura series), my awesome husband bought me a Falconry lesson as a Christmas present. This past weekend, I got a chance to experience these magnificent creatures first-hand. While I try to use my own personal experiences (places I’ve been, topics I know) there are many things in my … Read More Falconry (Hands-On Research)

What Makes Mountain Lions Awesome?

I think anyone who reads paranormal romance loves a good shifter book. For Andromeda’s Fall, the first book in my upcoming Shadowcat Nation series, I¬†decided to feature mountain lion shifters. Mountain lions are gorgeous animals, very powerful and mysterious, and frequently spotted where I live in Northern California. I find them fascinating. I’ll admit that I lucked out when starting my research for Andromeda’s … Read More What Makes Mountain Lions Awesome?

Virtual Trips: Finding a Setting for Andromeda’s Fall

I have always been a mountain girl. Born in Colorado, raised in Texas, but visiting the Rocky Mountains every summer. I could spend the rest of my days in the mountains and be a happy girl. (The beach not so much). It’s this love for the mountains which inspired me to set my first book, Blue Violet, in Estes Park. When deciding on where … Read More Virtual Trips: Finding a Setting for Andromeda’s Fall

Pinterest for Writers: Brainstorming a Book

When I was first setting up various social media sites for my author-related stuff, I hadn’t been on Pinterest yet. At first, I wasn’t entirely sure what an author would possibly use it for. As I’ve developed my personal uses for it over time, I’ve discovered that one of my favorite things to do with Pinterest is brainstorming and visualizing new books. As an … Read More Pinterest for Writers: Brainstorming a Book