Pinterest for Writers: Brainstorming a Book

When I was first setting up various social media sites for my author-related stuff, I hadn’t been on Pinterest yet. At first, I wasn’t entirely sure what an author would possibly use it for. As I’ve developed my personal uses for it over time, I’ve discovered that one of my favorite things to do with Pinterest is brainstorming and visualizing new books.

As an example, I’ll use my current work-in-progress, Andromeda’s Fall. It’s the first book in a new series due out this February.
I always find it helpful to try to find images that match my character’s physical descriptions. I try not to pick actors or models that are too recognizable unless I feel like they’re that perfect. For some reason, seeing what’s in my head come to life helps a lot when I go to describe them.
In this example, I had a couple of fight scenes to write. Some happen when my characters are in their cougar forms (that’s mountain lions folks – don’t get ideas) and some scenes are in human form. My female lead is a particularly gymnastic type of fighter. To help me visualize and attempt to describe these scenes with at least a smidgen of realism I looked up videos of mountain lions fighting various animals as well as videos of different martial arts styles. And pinned them.
I also like to pin things like scenery, locations, houses, other shifter forms, minor characters, or anything else I need help visualizing. The fun part for my readers – at least I think it’s fun – is that you can see images of some of what I’m in the process of writing. Or, after you read the book, you can see what it was that was in my head while I wrote it.
Pinterest is now one of my favorite media both for helping me brainstorm, as well as for a fun way to interact with readers. Feel free to check out my Andromeda’s Fall board or any of my other boards!

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