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More Griffin in Hyacinth

I’ve posted a couple times now about taking the opportunity of publishing the Svatura series with The Wild Rose Press to make revisions to the previously self-published books. With Hyacinth–the second book in the series (now available for preoder)–I took this chance to beef up the hero’s role in the book. Griffin was one of my favorite characters in Blue Violet, which is part of … Read More More Griffin in Hyacinth

Time for a Break

I feel like I’m coming to the end of a very long journey that started way back in May of 2014. It’s a road I put myself on, and I’m thrilled with the results, but also extremely ready for a break. May – Write Paranormal, Submit Paranormal Last May started with a workshop that resulted in my finishing the first draft of Sarai’s Fortune, which I had … Read More Time for a Break

Rewrites: Changing a Scene

When I was going through the first rounds of Andromeda’s Fall and received the first critiques back from Wendy, I realized that I needed to a change a big scene in the story. At a guess, I’d bet most (if not all) authors have had to go through something like this at one point. You get feedback and decide that you want to change … Read More Rewrites: Changing a Scene

Listen to Your Gut – Rewrites Are Worth It

For those who haven’t read my books, each book in the series features a different set of main characters as the romantic leads while continuing the overarching themes from the series itself. I am currently in the middle of the fourth and final book of the Svatura series – Black Orchid. And boy has this one been giving me heartburn. The good news, is … Read More Listen to Your Gut – Rewrites Are Worth It

Taking the Risk to Stop and Re-Write

I am almost half-way through writing the 3rd book in my Svatura series – Crimson Dahlia. Over a hundred pages in, I was getting a feeling that I wasn’t entirely satisfied with where the book was headed. While I have some specific plot points in mind when I write, how I get there is a revelation to me – almost as much as it … Read More Taking the Risk to Stop and Re-Write