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Hyacinth CoverI’ve posted a couple times now about taking the opportunity of publishing the Svatura series with The Wild Rose Press to make revisions to the previously self-published books. With Hyacinth–the second book in the series (now available for preoder)–I took this chance to beef up the hero’s role in the book.

Griffin was one of my favorite characters in Blue Violet, which is part of the reason why the next book has him in the hero role. I do show both points of view in my books, but my heroines are always the main characters. When I first wrote Hyacinth, this meant that Griffin kind of took a back seat. For example, there was a large segment where he was off-page.

In rereading the book, I realized that I wanted more of Griffin in it. So that’s what I did. I added more Griffin. I added more of him in small ways–building up some of the scenes already from his point of view. And I added him in bigger ways–building in new scenes with him and from his point of view.

5eb3a-hyacinth_web_03In the end, Hyacinth is the book I revised the most of all four. I deleted close to 6,000 words, and then added back in another 12,000 words ultimately increasing the total word count by 6,000. Crazy, right? The removed stuff is mostly clean up–fixing back-story dump for the most part. The added stuff…that’s the good stuff. More Griffin. More world building. And more romance.

Here’s a small excerpt from one of the added scenes:

“So you and Selene?”

Griffin tensed before he slowly turned around to face the guy he’d just met. The one who apparently was the best candidate for Selene’s King. Which mean he already didn’t like him. Didn’t help that Dez had known Selene all her life and probably knew her better than Griffin did. At least at the moment.

All he’d been able to do the last few months was think of her. No matter how many rejections, how many crazy situations, he’d kept going, hoping he could help her in some little way. Partly to make up for being such an ass, and partly because he was compelled to protect her.

Looks like he’d arrived just in time, though, if marriage was in the talks. He sure as hell wasn’t going to let her marry anyone else.

Now he regarded the tall, blond man who was casually propped on a window ledge in the dark hall. “Can I help you with something?”

Dez hopped down. “Walk with me.” He took off down the hallway with a loping gait.

Griffin raised his eyebrows, but, curious, followed.

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