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brendaI’d like to introduce you to Brenda Sparks, one of the thrilling special guest authors who will be popping in to share during the Svatura Release Facebook party October 9th!

Brenda is a fellow Wild Rose Press author. She just released the second book of her paranormal romance Alpha Council Chronicles vampire series, Deadly Alpha. I just finished the first book in the series, Alpha Mine, and am looking forward to the next! 🙂

Brenda will share her new release during the party, and I’m betting she’ll have some fun planned.

About Brenda Sparks

51Xxv-CI9bL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_I think most of us would like to be the makers of our own world. To have control over who lives, who dies, who receives blessings in their lives, and who gets what they deserve from Karma. There are a few of us who actually get to experience that kind of power and we are called author, writer, story teller.

When driving to work one day, my inner world began to form. Much like the universe, it started with a bang. A violent scene that played in my mind’s eye as I drove. A scene where two vampires were locked in a heated battle. The winner’s reward? The love of his long life.

My world developed from that one scene into several stories. I found myself wanting to share the world I created with others, hoping they would enjoy my inhabitants as much as I did, so I put fingers to the keyboard and started typing. It took me several years to teach myself the craft and finish my first manuscript. I learned how to write by reading what others had written. Read. Write. Read. Write. Research. Write. So goes my life and I love it.

In the real world, I live in the Sunshine State. While I am hoping to one day be able to fulfill my dream of writing full time, I currently balance my writing with my professional commitment to the local school district. It can be difficult at times to juggle the two, but I love writing and will continue to do it as long as my inner universe keeps expanding.

You can follow Brenda @ the following:

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