Svatura Series – Boxed Set

Do you believe it'll have been 5 years since I first released Blue Violet (Svatura #1) in August? And it'll be 2 years from the series release with The Wild Rose Press in October. Crazy, crazy, crazy how time speeds up. In celebration of these upcoming milestones, 2 things are happening this month... JUNE 9th -... Continue Reading →

Black Orchid (Svatura #4) | Chapter 1

Black Orchid (Svatura #4) - Chapter 1   PROLOGUE “Lila!” Adelaide Jenner screamed the panicked word into her sister’s mind. Lila was in the middle of explaining to the High Council her part in the most recent battle with their enemies. The debriefing had been going on for the past week. Technically, Adelaide wasn’t supposed... Continue Reading →

Crimson Dahlia (Svatura #3) | Chapter 1

Crimson Dahlia (Svatura #3) - Chapter 1   CHAPTER 1 Lila couldn’t get warm in the damp, cold space where their captors held them. She assumed they were underground, given the rough stone walls and floor and the constant smell of damp earth and rock. A harsh fluorescent light in the hallway filtered into their... Continue Reading →

Hyacinth (Svatura #2) | Chapter 1

Hyacinth (Svatura #2) - Chapter 1   CHAPTER 1 Selene jerked awake and clutched at the sweat-soaked bed sheets. Her breath came in panting bursts, and her heart refused to slow its furious pounding. A low, animalistic groan sounded from deep within. Moonlight slanted across her bed in pale streamers, illuminating the darkness around her,... Continue Reading →

Blue Violet (Svatura #1) | Chapter 1

Blue Violet (Svatura #1) - Chapter 1   CHAPTER 1 “You can’t go!” Ellie Aubrey closed her eyes briefly, then opened them and resumed her packing. “I have to,” she said quietly. She moved from where her suitcase lay on her bed, half-full, to the old-fashioned wardrobe that held the rest of her clothes. Grabbing... Continue Reading →

The Origin of the Svatura Lights

One of the more unique characteristics in the Svatura series (at least in my opinion) came from two random suggestions, both from a somewhat unexpected source – my parents. First, a little background. The series features a group of people – known as the Svatura – who have extraordinary powers, each one a little different... Continue Reading →

Svatura Aging Timeline

I'm going to geek out in this blog post - just warning you up front. While I have a creative side that is expressed through my writing, by day I am a business analyst and totally love my spreadsheets. I am also a paranormal/fantasy/science fiction geek and I find details to be important in those... Continue Reading →

Svatura Series – Bewitching Blog Tour!

The Svatura Series will be visiting paranormal romance blogs across the web with spotlights, interviews, reviews, and more. A giveaway will be on offer, of course. Stop by and say hello! This blog tour is being organized by Bewitching Blog Tours! Giveaways:  a $25 Amazon gift card & Svatura Series 4-book eBook Package! October 12 -... Continue Reading →

Svatura FB Party: Guest Author – Brenda Sparks

RSVP for the Party! I'd like to introduce you to Brenda Sparks, one of the thrilling special guest authors who will be popping in to share during the Svatura Release Facebook party October 9th! Brenda is a fellow Wild Rose Press author. She just released the second book of her paranormal romance Alpha Council Chronicles vampire series, Deadly Alpha. I just... Continue Reading →

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