Book Blog Tour – November 9-15

Book Blog Tour: November 9-15
Free Kindle Promo (Blue Violet): November 16-18

I am so excited to announce my very first book blog tour!

For those of you not familiar, this is the virtual version of a book store tour. Various other book bloggers host me for a day. The types of posts can range from author interviews, to excerpts, to anything I want to write about. I love this concept! It seems like a really fun way to reach readers, and it’s also a neat way to connect with the bloggers themselves.

I’m really having fun with this, although I’ll admit it is a bit of work. I decided to start with a mini-tour – only four or five visits total – and have it lead up to my next Free Kindle Promo days to combine the impact of the marketing. I’ve seen several other authors do this, and they seemed to feel it was effective, so definitely worth a try.

To set up a blog tour I started by contact various bloggers to request a guest appearance. Some I knew from previous reviews, and some I didn’t. I then had to work closely with each of those who accepted. You communicate quite a bit to determine the date, what type of post to do, and other details they might need. I then get to work on each post – trying to make sure it’s complete well in advance of the post date.

And remember, this is all a marketing effort to find new readers, so the posts need to be compelling. No pressure!

Thank you to my friend Elayne, my marketing partner in crime, who has helped with contacting various bloggers to request a guest appearance.

Here is the schedule/details on my mini-blog tour (as of today – some details are subject to change):

Huge thanks to the bloggers hosting me for this tour! I really appreciate it more than I can say.

And readers, please pass on word that, following my book blog tour, Blue Violet will be available for free on Kindle November 16th – 18th!!!

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