Svatura Book #3 – Title Contest Winner

At the beginning of April I started the “Name the Next Book in the Svatura Series Contest“.  The books in the Svatura series all have a flower for the title. As part of the contest I included some very specific guidelines to select the flower for the title/cover:

1. The name of the flower would work as a cool book title
2. The flower would look good on the book cover
3. The flower name isn’t hugely common as a book title already
4. The flower meaning fits for Lila & Ramsey (the two characters who will be the main characters for the 3rd book)

Also, I was looking for something that would fit with the previous two books…

Book #1 is titled Blue Violet. The flower is beautiful. The meaning of the flower – watchfulness, faithfulness, I’ll always be true – works well for the theme of the first book and the main characters, Ellie and Alex.

Books #2 is titled Hyacinth – which I love the sound of. The flower is also lovely – we ended up using only one bloom from a stalk for the cover. The meaning of the flower is – dedicated to Apollo, loveliness, sorrow – which was perfect for the theme of the book and the main characters, Selene and Griffin.

For book #3 I had a few ideas in mind, but nothing that really jumped out as perfect. I opened it up to my readers who responded with an awesome list of ideas – about 20 in total. I had a very difficult time narrowing it down to only 4 favorites. Finally I selected the following options:

– Lisianthus
– Crimson Dahlia
– Heliotrope
– Delphinium

Over the last few weeks my readers have been voting on their favorites. With over 100 votes in, the winner received 70% of the votes. I am very excited to finally have a title for the 3rd book in the series! I already have my graphic artist working on the cover!

Without further ado, the winner is…


Submitted by: Annayanna Haldar
Meaning: diversity, elegance and dignity, a warning, change, travel or betrayal
More Pictures: click here

Congrats Annayannna! As a reminder, the winner of this contest receives the following:

Goody-Bag of Prizes:
– A $25 Gift Certificate for
– A FREE autographed print copy of BLUE VIOLET & HYACINTH
– A FREE digital copy of BOOK #3  prior to release
– A thank you in my acknowledgements section of Book #3

A huge thank you to Annayanna and everyone who submitted an idea or voted!!! My readers are the best!

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