Naming a New World

One of my very favorite things to do when starting a new series and creating a new world is coming up with the naming conventions. I'll let you in on a little secret... I suck at making up totally new words. I mean it. It is definitely not a strength of mine. Play to Your... Continue Reading →

Name a Character Contest – Vote

I got some great entries for the Crimson Dahlia Name a Character Contest. Thank you to everyone who entered! As a reminder, I asked my readers for name ideas for a girl who is very small, pale, with dark brown hair. Old enough to be someone's "love interest" down the road. Right now she's out... Continue Reading →

Svatura Book #3 – Title Contest Winner

At the beginning of April I started the "Name the Next Book in the Svatura Series Contest".  The books in the Svatura series all have a flower for the title. As part of the contest I included some very specific guidelines to select the flower for the title/cover: 1. The name of the flower would... Continue Reading →

Svatura Book #3 – Vote on the Title

I have yet to name the third book of the Svatura series. Over the last two weeks as part of my contest to help name the book, readers have been submitting title ideas to me via comments here, on Facebook, on Twitter, and email. Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas and submissions!!! Out of the... Continue Reading →

And The Winner Is…

The winner of the Hyacinth Name a Character Contest is in. Drum roll please... Finalist #1 - Kelli's submission of Dez O'Moore won 63% of the votes! Name: Desmond Alexander O'Moore Nicknames: Nicknames include Dez and Alex Description: Hes about 6'2ʺ golden tan hair that waves it long enough to slick back but not past... Continue Reading →

Hyacinth Name a Character Contest

UPDATE 10/22 - Voting closed. To see details on the winning entry click here. **** UPDATE 10/18 - Finalists Posted. Check them out here and please vote for your favorite! ***** ORIGINAL POST Trying out something a little on the fun side... THE CONTEST: One of my readers gets to come up with the name... Continue Reading →

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