Hyacinth Name a Character Contest

UPDATE 10/22 – Voting closed. To see details on the winning entry click here.


UPDATE 10/18 – Finalists Posted. Check them out here and please vote for your favorite!

Trying out something a little on the fun side…

One of my readers gets to come up with the name and physical description of a new character in the Svatura series who will be introduced in Book #2 – Hyacinth. This is a character who will run through the rest of the series.

The winner will receive…

– A $25 Gift Certificate for Amazon.com
– A FREE autographed print copy of BLUE VIOLET
– A FREE digital copy of HYACINTH prior to release
– A thank you in my acknowledgements section of Hyacinth

Winner may also be featured on this website and other Abigail Owen and Svatura Series advertisements around the web.

1. Read the below description of the character and submit your proposed name (may include first, last, previous, and/or nicknames). Also include a proposed physical description that you think goes with the name and the character.
2. Submit your entry one of 3 ways:

You may submit multiple entries.

3. All entries must be submitted by October 15th, 2012 at 11:59pm
4. I’ll select my top 5 and post them on Facebook Oct 16th to let my readers vote on the winner
5. Winner will be announced October 20th by 10:00pm.

Character (spoiler alerts): A male Vyusher in his 20s – a good one (at least to start). The son of one of the High Council members. A rival love interest for one of my main female characters. Personality will be very charming and outgoing. Very likable. Superpower will be the ability to turn himself invisible.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

***Disclaimer: By entering this contest you retain no rights to the character or books.

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