Vote On Your Favorite Finalist (Hyacinth Name a Character Contest)

Update 10/22 Voting closed. For details on the winner click here.

Time to vote on the winner!!!

A huge thank you to all the people who submitted ideas for the Hyacinth Name a Character Contest (more details here for a review of the contest). I had a ton of fun reading through these and picturing each name and description with the character I have in mind. I have selected the top 5 finalists that I feel best go with the character.  Below is the character description and the finalists.

Voting is now open to all my readers. Please vote for your favorite by October 21st (post a comment on this blog, email me, leave a message on Facebook – whatever method you like best). I’ll post the final winner by the 22nd!

Character Description (spoiler alerts):
A male Vyusher in his 20s – a good one (at least to start). The son of one of the High Council members. A rival love interest for one of my main female characters. Personality will be very charming and outgoing. Very likable. Superpower will be the ability to turn himself invisible.

In no particular order the 5 finalists are:

Finalist #1 (submitted by Kelli):
Name: Desmond Alexander O’Moore
Nicknames: Nicknames include Dez and Alex
Description: Hes about 6’2ʺ golden tan hair that waves it long enough to slick back but not past his ears and one piece that always falls into his eyes he has a surfers body not to full of and is always tanned he has the face of an aristocratic eyes of a sea green that notice every little detail and pearly white perfectly straight teeth and a set of aways pouting lips

Finalist #2 (submitted by Jocelyn):
Name: Sebastian Lucas
Nickname: Seb
Description: Tall with light brown hair, brown eyes that always look like they’re laughing. Golden tan. Turns into a light brown wolf.

Finalist #3 (submitted by Teresa):
Name: Jacob Matherton
Nickname: Jake
Description: I picture him with sun bleached blond hair and blue eyes. Good looking, but in a boy next door/very friendly sort of way. Broad shoulders tapering to narrow hips and washboard abs. He can be both a guy’s guy and still be sensitive enough to be friends with girls. Very perceptive.

Finalist #4 (submitted by Kayla):
Name: Byron Kessler
Description: Medium brown hair and hazel eyes. Very handsome. I’ve read that you really like Star Wars – so think Han Solo/young Harrison Ford in looks. Sarcastic sense of humor, and super confident.

Finalist #5 (submitted by Grace):
Name: Dorian Jonas
Description: Jet black hair, dark brown eyes. Laugh lines around his eyes. Dimples that deepen when he smiles. I’m thinking an Eddie Cibrian look-alike. Hard to take him seriously, but with Selene he’ll get real.

Okay folks – tell me which one you like best!

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