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I got some great entries for the Crimson Dahlia Name a Character Contest. Thank you to everyone who entered!

As a reminder, I asked my readers for name ideas for a girl who is very small, pale, with dark brown hair. Old enough to be someone’s “love interest” down the road. Right now she’s out cold and has been in this stasis for months. But we *might* get to meet her in Crimson Dahlia when she wakes up finally.

I received about 25 different suggestions. Here are the names that I feel best fit the character both now and as she develops in Crimson Dahlia. Please vote and tell me which one is your favorite!

Talia (Giambattista Basile’s version of Sleeping Beauty) – submitted by Bill Beard
Tobin – submitted by Becky Rowell Sherman
Cordelia – submitted by Annayanna Halder
Ariadne – submitted by Neysa Kristanti
Ava Jane – submitted by Raven Kaiser
Imaria – submitted by Michelle Cochran

Vote here in the comments or on my Facebook site. Can’t wait to see what gets picked! Good luck to all the finalists. 🙂


UPDATE 7/1/13

And the winner is…. Talia submitted by Bill Beard!

Congrats to Bill! And thanks to everyone who submitted ideas and/or voted!!!

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