My Top 10 Favorite Things

Guest Post Re-Post: Originally posted 3/24/2014 on Danita Minnis as a guest post. Part of my Andromeda’s Fall blog tour organized by Masquerade Crew.


I love this top 10 list request. It totally makes me want to sing the song from “The Sound of Music” which I love.  So, off the bat, I’m going to make a rule for myself that I can’t do any obvious things – like my husband and kids – because those go without saying. So my top 10 less obvious favorite things are….

My Kids’ Laughter – I don’t count this as obvious. Lol (favorite thing #11 – breaking my own rules). There’s a lot of favorite things about my kids. But hearing them laugh will always make me happy no matter what my day was like or what mood I’m in.
2. A New Book Release – I love every part of it. The book cover. The editing. Finally getting it out there. The initial feedback (positive or constructive). Finding new readers. Love it!

3. Blue Skies – I was a skydiver all through college and for quite a while after. I don’t jump any more. But blue skies will always make me happy.

4.  A Pun (Any Pun) – The worse the better. Makes me laugh every time.

5. Estes Park, Colorado – I grew up visiting Estes Park. It’s in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. My favorite place on the planet to this day.  I even set my first book, Blue Violet, there.

6. A Good Whoop – I am a grad of Texas A&M University. Whooping is a tradition there. Any time I hear a good whoop – especially now that I live away from Texas – makes my day.

7. Spring Flowers – California starts blooming in mid-February and doesn’t quit until October. Everything blooms. It does it in wave and bursts of all colors. I love it.

8. Spreadsheets & Lists – Makes me a total geek – I know. In my day job, I’m a business analyst. I LOVE a good, functional spreadsheet. I’m also list crazy. I even write down things I’ve already finished doing just so I can check them off.

9. A Story That Make Me Cry – Movie, book, song. If it makes me cry then it’s automatically awesome in my book. My college roomie and I used to have “cry nights” where we’d rent a few movies that made us cry and watch them back to back.

10. Dancing – Clubbin’, two-steppin’, swing dancing. Makes me so happy. College was any of the above at least once a week. These days it’s more wedding dancing, or dancing with my kids to the Just Dance Xbox game. I won’t lie… I’m pretty good. Lol.


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