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2015 Prism Finalist!

I am thrilled to announce that Andromeda’s Fall (Shadowcat Nation #1) is a finalist in the Dark Paranormal category for the 2015 Prism Award!

Smokin’ Hot Deal on Shadowcat Nation Books!

Boy do I have a screamin’ deal for you guys. To celebrate the upcoming released of my paranormal romance, Sarai’s Fortune (Shadowcat Nation #2),  on May 13th… $0.99 Sale Andromeda’s Fall (Shadowcat Nation #1) is on sale at $0.99 April 24-May 8!!! Down from $4.99. Doesn’t get better than that peeps. $2.99 Special PreOrder Pricing At the same time, Sarai’s Fortune (Shadowcat Nation #2) is … Read More Smokin’ Hot Deal on Shadowcat Nation Books!

Andromeda’s Fall Blog Tour Retrospective – Spring 2015

Thank  you so much to Bewitching Blog Tours for a great tour, and a giant thank you to all the bloggers/reviewers for hosting me!!! Giveaway: Thanks to the ~1400 people who entered the giveaway raffle of a $50 Amazon gift certificate. I’ll have more of these as new releases come out, so please check back. Congrats to the winner! Blog Tour Host Surprise: Surprise … Read More Andromeda’s Fall Blog Tour Retrospective – Spring 2015


RSVP for the Party Book your calendars for March 19th 7-9pm EST! The Wild Rose Press is hosting a Facebook party with a great lineup of authors (including yours truly) and some great giveaways and other fun. I hope to see you there.! RSVP for the Party Abigail Owen author of Andromeda’s Fall Marianne Willis author of Hateful Desire Julia Laque author of Tortured … Read More In Like a Lion, Out Like a…SHIFTER FACEBOOK PARTY

An Inauspicious Meeting #MFRWHooks

My favorite parts of a romance are when the heroine/hero first meet. This was possibly one of my favorite meetings to write yet. Andie, our heroine, is breaking into a very large home – sort of like a compound – and gets…well…caught. EXCERPT “I’m not going to ask how you got in here. Clearly, our security needs reviewing.” Andie didn’t betray her satisfaction at … Read More An Inauspicious Meeting #MFRWHooks

A Warning From A Polar Bear Shifter

A.J. let himself back into the cave. As he dropped inside, he suddenly faced a very wary cougar and polar bear, both ready to fight. Both relaxed when they saw it was he. Andie nodded. Saying nothing, she let herself out of the cave the way A.J. had come in. He shifted as he watched her leave, his lips set in a grim line. Zac shifted … Read More A Warning From A Polar Bear Shifter

Nick Loves Hannah…Or Does He? (Excerpt)

The following is an excerpt from Hannah’s Fate, my short story in the Here, Kitty Kitty anthology and the prequel to the Shadowcat Nation series. Here’s a sneak peek:   As soon as the door closed behind them, Hannah turned to Nick, panicked. But before she could say anything, he pulled her into his arms and covered her mouth with his. Every word and … Read More Nick Loves Hannah…Or Does He? (Excerpt)

The Scene that Started It All: Andromeda’s Fall Excerpt

I’ve posted before about how the initial idea for Andromeda’s Fall started with a single scene. This is that scene:   Andie lay close to the ground so she would blend in with the landscape should anyone be watching. She’d found an outcropping of rock that gave her an unobstructed view of the area she’d been assigned to patrol. The darkness was just barely illuminated … Read More The Scene that Started It All: Andromeda’s Fall Excerpt

Writing the Spunky Heroine

I took an excellent workshop on character development from Anna Stuart and Mel Curtis a few months ago. During that workshop we discussed the book, Heroes & Heroines: Sixteen Master Archetypes which introduces different character archetypes for both the heroine and hero. (Excellent workshop and book – highly recommend both!). I discovered something about myself as a writer in that workshop. I LOVE to … Read More Writing the Spunky Heroine

Meet the Villain

The source of trouble in Andromeda’s Fall comes from a father/son pair: Walter and Kyle Carstairs. Walter is the long-reigning Alpha of the Carstairs Dare. For years he’s ruled with an iron fist and master manipulation. Kyle is his son, and, according to the laws of the Shadowcat Nation, next in line to be Alpha, assuming he handles all challengers. In the prequel short … Read More Meet the Villain