Nick Loves Hannah…Or Does He? (Excerpt)

423f6-herekittykitty_cover500The following is an excerpt from Hannah’s Fate, my short story in the Here, Kitty Kitty anthology and the prequel to the Shadowcat Nation series. Here’s a sneak peek:


As soon as the door closed behind them, Hannah turned to Nick, panicked. But before she could say anything, he pulled her into his arms and covered her mouth with his. Every word and worry flew right out of her mind. Her arms came up around his neck and she sank into him. He wrapped his arms tighter around her and took the kiss deeper. His velvety tongue tangled with hers in long, slow, deep sweeps.

Many breathtaking moments later, Nick pulled back. Hannah smothered a small sigh of disappointment. Before she could react, he held up a finger to her lips. He took her by the hand and led her into the bathroom where he started the shower running.

He leaned back against the counter and pulled her close again. Hannah closed her eyes expecting another kiss, but only felt his hot breath tickle her ear. “They’re probably listening to us right now,” he whispered.

Hannah opened her eyes and her heart sank. He’d only kissed her to shut her up. Focusing on the top button of his shirt, she nodded.

“We need to get out of here,” she whispered. “Or they’ll challenge our Mating…and kill you.”

Nick looked grim. “They’d be fools to mess with Fated. But I think you’re right. They don’t trust our story, so they’d kill me first and ask questions later.”

“That was an inspired idea,” Hannah said. “It at least gave them something to think about. How’d you know about Sarai?”

Nick shrugged. “Um… Jaxon let the name slip once. I had no clue she belonged to the Carstairs Dare.”

“Oh. I’m surprised Jaxon said anything. He’s usually so tight-lipped.” She frowned again. “She’ll reveal the lie you told when we meet her at dinner tonight. We should go. Now.”

Nick nodded. “I agree that was rotten luck. The question is, how do we get out of here?”

Hannah grinned. “That I have taken care of.”

“You do?”

She stepped back, reached inside her shirt and pulled out a piece of paper that was tucked into her bra. Nick’s eyebrows shot up.

“I was worried they’d check our phones or computers. Or my purse,” Hannah explained. Only a tiny twitch of his lips gave away Nick’s amusement.

Hannah unfolded the paper. On it was a series of numbers. Hannah texted the number with a single message: 911.

“What next?” Nick asked.

Hannah stepped back into Nick so they could continue to murmur to each other. “We wait.”


All profits from the Here, Kitty Kitty anthology will go to charity to benefit the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Indiana.

Andromeda’s Fall, book 1 of the Shadowcat Nation series, is out now!

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