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The source of trouble in Andromeda’s Fall comes from a father/son pair: Walter and Kyle Carstairs.

Walter is the long-reigning Alpha of the Carstairs Dare. For years he’s ruled with an iron fist and master manipulation. Kyle is his son, and, according to the laws of the Shadowcat Nation, next in line to be Alpha, assuming he handles all challengers. In the prequel short story, Hannah’s Fate, our first encounter with Kyle goes like this: “Kyle had a firmer handshake and a colder smile. Walter was creepy, but Kyle was just plain scary.” It’s assumed that there will be no challengers.

When we left Hannah’s Fate, Nick and Hannah had to escape the Carstairs Dare, where they’d gone thinking to negotiate a business partnership between Carstairs and their Keller Dare. Now, it’s Andie’s turn to run. Kyle has tried to force their mating, wanting the added political leverage their union would provide him when it’s time to become Alpha.

You’ll have to read to find out what happens. Will Kyle track down Andie and succeed in mating her? Will the Keller Dare give her the asylum she seeks? Especially after her own dare attacked two of their own?

Andromeda’s Fall (Shadowcat Nation #1)

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