Character Breakdown: Lila & Ramsey

I'm working on edits for Crimson Dahlia this week and going through old notes to make sure I don't change anything critical. I thought I'd share these character breakdowns with you for fun. These days - after taking an awesome workshop by Anna Stewart and Mel Curtis - I do a character breakdown before I... Continue Reading →

Meet the Villain

The source of trouble in Andromeda's Fall comes from a father/son pair: Walter and Kyle Carstairs. Walter is the long-reigning Alpha of the Carstairs Dare. For years he's ruled with an iron fist and master manipulation. Kyle is his son, and, according to the laws of the Shadowcat Nation, next in line to be Alpha,... Continue Reading →

Let Me Introduce You to A.J.

  Because I had so much fun with Andie - my heroine in Andromeda's Fall - I knew I had to make a hero who could match her feistiness. A.J. is one of the Alpha's Protectors in the Keller Dare. He's also the one to catch Andie as she tries to break in to the... Continue Reading →

Who Is Andromeda Reynolds?

  The first book of the Shadowcat Nation series - Andromeda's Fall - has one of my favorite heroines to write - Andromeda "Andie" Reynolds. Andie was key to this book from the very beginning. My initial idea stemmed from a single scene. I pictured a mountain lion shifter sitting high on a rock overlooking a... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 2014 – Preparation

That's right! I am one of the crazy people doing NaNoWriMo again this year. Only I don't happen to think it's so nuts. Banging out the first draft rapid-fire really meshes well with my own personal writing style. Once I get the guts on paper then I go in and do surgery. Editing and 2nd,... Continue Reading →

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