Top 10 Reasons I Love Spring

Spring is very much in the air in Northern California where I live. This is – hands down – my favorite season of the year. Since I always have such fun with top 10 lists, I thought I’d get a little silly and do a top 10 reasons I love spring. Without further ado (and in no particular order)…

1. Flowers Everywhere
In California everything blooms. From end of February until October something is always blooming. I love the bursts of color and beautiful flowers everywhere. And luckily I don’t suffer from allergies
2. Solar Powered
I am very solar powered. As soon as it’s dark I’m ready for sleep. So I love that the days are getting longer and longer.
3. Hummingbirds
We get hummingbirds every year. One year a mama built a nest just outside one of our front windows and we watched the 2 babies hatch. They’re amazing little creatures. I even have a hummingbird tattoo.
4. Spring Cleaning
This one you’ll probably laugh at. But I love to clean and reorganize my house. And Spring is a great time to do that.
5. Gorgeous Weather
This time of year the weather is incredible. Upper 60’s to lower 70’s (that’s Fahrenheit for the non-Yanks out there). Generally blue skies but enough rain to keep everything green. We can get outside and ride bikes, going hiking or on walks, go to the zoo/park, or just hang out in our back yard (which is where I’m writing this post).
6. Time to Grill
We spend a lot of time grilling and eating outside for dinner this time of year. Just too pretty not to.
7. Endings & Beginnings
I’ve always thought of Spring as the “end to a season” because that’s when you’d finish one grade (always exciting) and move into summer. Now that I have kids, we’re back into this pattern.
8. Strawberries
All the good fruit starts to show up this time of year. The berries and tomatoes (yes people, they’re technically a fruit) in particular are my favorites. This year we are growing our own strawberries and tomatoes.
9. Open the Windows
Related to the weather, this is the time of year when we open up all our windows all day long and it stays beautiful inside. Can’t do that in Texas – where I grew up – more than about 2 weeks out of the year at most.
10. Movies
The summer blockbusters start coming round about May time frame. I always look forward to those. This year top of my list is the latest X-Men, Godzilla, Maleficent, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Step Up: All In, and Lucy. There are more, but those are the big ones for me.
What’s your favorite season and why?

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