Black Orchid is Coming!!!

Much like winter in Game of Thrones… Black Orchid is Coming!!! I can not even begin to express how incredibly excited I am to release the 4th and last book of the Svatura series. The series that launched my writing/self-publishing career. I am incredibly nervous as well – last book of the series and all. But enough about that.

Here are the dates coming up in association with the Black Orchid release….

Cover Reveal
May 13 – Organized by Masquerade Crew
I just got the final cover today. Jason Vines – the awesome artist who’s done all the covers for this series – really outdid himself on this one. It’s gorgeous. Ms. DeeJay at Masq Crew is organizing my reveal of course. Can’t wait!!!

Release on Amazon Kindle
Black Orchid will be out on Amazon Kindle on…. MAY 23rd!!!!
I put my business hat on and decided to time it around Memorial Day weekend. This also gives me and Wendy time to wrap up editing appropriately. I will also be timing my Kindle Free days for Andromeda’s Fall that weekend.
Blog Tour
June 23-30
Of course I’m doing a tour. And of course it’s with the awesome folks at Masquerade Crew organizing for me again. My Andromeda’s Fall tour went so well, I absolutely had to use their services again for Black Orchid.
Release on iTunes, Nook, etc.
TBD… Traditionally I release on all other media 3 months after releasing on Amazon Kindle because I do the Kindle Select Program. I am waiting to see the impact with my free days for Andromeda’s Fall before I decide if I’ll stick to that plan for Black Orchid. So… Apple/Nook folks, stay tuned!
That’s about it. So excited! So excited! So excited! It’s almost here folks. Can’t wait!

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