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2018 Accomplishments & 2019 Goals

It’s coming up on the end of the old year and beginning of the new, and you know what that means… Goals. Look at how you did on the old ones and set some new ones. I do this every year for personal and professional goals. Let’s take a look at those author ones. 2018 ACCOMPLISHMENTS I had a wonderful 2018 with new releases, … Read More 2018 Accomplishments & 2019 Goals

Looking Back (2017) & Looking Ahead (2018)

Usually I have last year’s post to start with so I can look at my original goals for the year and think about which of those I accomplished, which I didn’t, and anything the surprised. me. But this year my website went down and I lost a lot of blog posts including my goals. Sigh. No worries, I can still look back at my … Read More Looking Back (2017) & Looking Ahead (2018)

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Started Publishing

While I’ve been writing all my life, I got into self-publishing in the last decade and followed it with traditional publishing through a small press a few years later. Kind of like how you wish your older self could tell your high school self some tips (like don’t bother with that guy), there are things I wish someone had told me when I got … Read More 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Started Publishing

Andromeda’s Fall Release

ANDROMEDA’S FALL Shadowcat Nation Book #1 Now Available!!! Giveaway: Don’t forget that there’s still time to enter my Giveaway! Hannah’s Fate: You can also find Hannah’s Fate, a Shadowcat Nation story and my short story in the Here, Kitty Kitty anthology. Andromeda’s Fall Mountain lion shifters have allied into ten groups called Dares which together form the Shadowcat Nation. A rocky alliance at best, its success … Read More Andromeda’s Fall Release

Andromeda’s Fall Update

Andromeda’s Fall is progressing quickly at The Wild Rose Press (TWRP). Thought I’d give a quick update on the experience so far. It’s been awesome! First of all, I have to say that TWRP treats their authors very well. They have easy systems for gathering all the info they need and have been nothing but helpful. In addition they have online forums to reach … Read More Andromeda’s Fall Update

Cover Art Adventure

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I plan to start doing my own book covers. I had planned to start with Sarai’s Fortune. I designed three covers for the book and was going to do a cover vote this month. Then Andromeda’s Fall and the Shadowcat Nation series were contracted by The Wild Rose Press (which is awesome!!!!). However, this also means that I … Read More Cover Art Adventure

How’d I Get So Lucky!?!

I have run into a bout of really great luck! In May I participated in Brenda Novak’s annual auction to benefit diabetes research. For those unfamiliar with this even, it’s a great cause with great opportunities for authors. Multiple agents and editors on there offering various packages from critiques with feedback to idea discussions which are auctioned off to the highest bidders. All proceeds … Read More How’d I Get So Lucky!?!

Plans Can Change at the Drop of a Hat… Err… Contract

I’m still floating on the news that Andromeda’s Fall and the Shadowcat Nation series have been contracted by The Wild Rose Press!!! It’s an exciting new step in path as an author. I will be very curious to see how working with TWRP differes from all my self-publishing efforts to date. Will my background hinder or help me in this process? I am very … Read More Plans Can Change at the Drop of a Hat… Err… Contract

Contract!!! – The Wild Rose Press

I am very excited to announce that I am now a contracted author! About a year ago I start the process of querying editors and agents as I pursued more traditional publishing while continuing with self-publishing (which I still love). You authors know the drill.  I could wallpaper my bathroom with the form rejection letters in my inbox. A lot of querying is timing and … Read More Contract!!! – The Wild Rose Press

Designing My Owen Book Covers

Over the last few months I’ve been on a bit of a journey in relation to my book covers. Let me start at the beginning… Tax season rolled around this year and, of course, we had to submit all my book related stuff. I’ll admit that for the year 2013 I was a tad disappointed with where I came out from a net perspective. … Read More Designing My Owen Book Covers