Plans Can Change at the Drop of a Hat… Err… Contract

I’m still floating on the news that Andromeda’s Fall and the Shadowcat Nation series have been contracted by The Wild Rose Press!!!

It’s an exciting new step in path as an author. I will be very curious to see how working with TWRP differes from all my self-publishing efforts to date. Will my background hinder or help me in this process? I am very hopeful for a positive new experience and look forward to getting started.

That being said, this exciting event is also impacting a lot of my short term plans. Apologies in advance to my readers who will have to wait on a few things. Here’s what’s changing:

Andromeda’s Fall – Coming Soon
I have removed AF from sale in preparation for it’s release under TWRP. There will be a new cover and blurb for the release. I do not have a release date at this time. We have to go through the process first. I’ll announce here as soon as a date is available.

Sarai’s Fortune – Cover Vote Cancelled
I had planned on doing a book cover vote in July. That is cancelled now. I also now have 3 covers that I don’t need. I think I’ll post them on my website to sell as a pre-made book cover to other authors. No idea how to go about that. Still – you’ll get to see them anyway. Look for more on this in another post soon.

Sarai’s Fortune – Delayed
I am in the middle of editing the first draft now. I had planned to release it in November, but now will be waiting for Andromeda’s Fall to release first. This bumps Sarai back indefinitely. Huge apologies for those of you waiting for the next book in the series. I hope you can understand the delay!

Svatura Series – Box Set
I had planned on releasing the box set in September, but will pull this in to July since there will be no fun Sarai’s cover vote. Look for more on this in another post soon.

Hearts & Souls
With Sarai’s Fortune on hold, I now have no book to release this fall. Ack! Well… I guess I’d better write one quickly. LOL! The process – from the first word on paper, all the way to release – takes me about 4-6 months. That means December at the very earliest, and no guarantees. I’ll do my best!

I’ve already got a good start on the first book in a new series. This will be a ghost-related series. Not the scary or mystery type. It’s more heart-warming and set in small-town Texas with cowboys. I’m calling the series Hearst and Souls. I was going to title the first book “A Ghost of a Chance” until I looked on Amazon and saw about 30 books titled that. So title is TBD.

Sorry for the delays, but I promise they’ll be well worth it. Thank you for all the support over the last two years. Your interest and kind words got me to this new point in my life as an author.!

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