Andromeda’s Fall Update

Andromeda’s Fall is progressing quickly at The Wild Rose Press (TWRP). Thought I’d give a quick update on the experience so far.

It’s been awesome!

First of all, I have to say that TWRP treats their authors very well. They have easy systems for gathering all the info they need and have been nothing but helpful. In addition they have online forums to reach fellow TWRP authors and reach readers, regular sharing sessions online to let the authors learn from the team at TWRP as well as each other, and lots of great resources in general. Just a great experience!

For Andromeda’s Fall, I believe that the process has been pretty quick so far because the book was previously self-published. So I had already done a LOT of thinking and perfecting on things like the blurb, editing, dedication, and cover, etc. For future books in the series, I’ll be sure to to a lot of critiquing and still have my mom look over it to get them the cleanest copy I can. I’ll also be sure to really think through all the stuff that goes into production ahead of time. Having all that done really helped!

So far we’ve done the following…

  • Production Capture: I filled out forms with all the production stuff (blurb, dedication, about the author, ideas for the cover, etc.).
  • Editing Round 1: Lill (my awesome, brilliant editor – She signed me, right? She’s also been so easy to work with.) completed her first round of edits, which I reviewed, did some very minor tweaking, and then sent back to her. Because it was so clean already, we only had to do one round. I’m guessing future books will need more work/time.
  • Blurb: I got back comments/changes to the blurb which I thought made it much better. So that’s all set. (No, I’m not going to share. Saving that for cover reveal.)
  • Copy Editing: Got the copy edits back – the book now includes all the front/back matter and formatting. So exciting to see it with all of that! Copy editing changes were very minor. Commas mostly. As I told Lill, commas and I have an uneasy truce. I’ve decided that no one really knows the “hard and fast” comma rules. And therefore, I put them wherever I want. Copy editing is done.
  • Cover Production: We are now in cover production. And I CAN’T WAIT to see what they come up with. Cover is often my favorite part of production just because it puts what I see in my head into a picture.
No release date scheduled yet. Obviously, TWRP has to determine what makes sense with the timing of other book releases, holidays, marketing plans, etc. In the meantime, now that Saving the Sheriff is with Wendy, I’m back to working on perfecting Sarai’s Fortune. I’m hoping to send it to Lill by the November time frame at the latest and as clean as I can make it.
Keep you posted on more updates!

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