Meet the Hills of Texas

I recently finished the first draft my new contemporary romance novel. It is the first in a series – though, like many contemporary series, the goal is to make each book stand alone. I thought it would be fun to introduce the series a little bit.

The series is called The Hills of Texas. This is a bit of a play on words. It is set in the Texas Hill Country west and slightly south of Austin – so there’s a literal translation. But the family that the series will center on are called the Hills. They own a cattle and horse ranch close to the town of Las Colinas (ahem – Spanish for The Hills – lol).
Evaline and John Hill have 5 children: Williams, Cash, Carter, Autry, and Jennings. Slightly unusual names because they are named for great old country singers (using the last names). With 5 kids in the family anyone want to lay bets on how many books there are in the series?
The first book in the series is titled Saving the Sheriff (or something like that – title is still tentative). It focuses on Cash Hill. Here’s a first pass at the blurb:
There’s a storm brewin’ for Holly Jensen, the new large animal veterinarian in Las Colinas, Texas. Threatening notes keep popping up on her porch telling her to keep her mouth shut about a horse she treated. But Holly can’t go to the Sheriff. Despite the fact that they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, he’s made it clear as the spots on an an Appaloosa’s hind-end that he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

The day his wife died, Sheriff Cash Hill discovered something about their marriage that makes him doubt everything about who they were. How could the single dad ever trust another woman again? Especially not his wife’s close friend, Holly Jensen. Still something about Holly’s predicament has his protective instincts kicking in hard.

As Holly’s tormentor forces them into close contact, Cash and Holly fight against him – as well as against their overwhelming attraction for each other. And Holly starts to hope that the surly Sheriff can be saved from the bitterness of his past by the love of a good woman.
Still working on that blurb, but it gives you an idea of the premise. Release date is still TBD as I start to work through all the editing and perfecting (my fav part!). Keep you posted!

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