Editing Saving the Sheriff

Wendy and I are through with our first round of Saving the Sheriff - the first book in The Hills of Texas series. This is the sixth book we've worked on together. However, this is the first contemporary romance, so I was very curious to see Wendy's feedback. With each book I've posted about some... Continue Reading →

Meet the Hills of Texas

I recently finished the first draft my new contemporary romance novel. It is the first in a series - though, like many contemporary series, the goal is to make each book stand alone. I thought it would be fun to introduce the series a little bit. The series is called The Hills of Texas. This... Continue Reading →

Research: Texas Dancing

When I wrote Hyacinth, I included a scene where my characters go to a bar/dancing. I originally wrote it with dancing like I did in college - which was not club style (mostly). At my editor Wendy's suggestion I changed it on the realization that my characters in that book wouldn't do the type of... Continue Reading →

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