Editing Saving the Sheriff

Wendy and I are through with our first round of Saving the Sheriff – the first book in The Hills of Texas series. This is the sixth book we’ve worked on together. However, this is the first contemporary romance, so I was very curious to see Wendy’s feedback.

With each book I’ve posted about some of the more comment habits or issues caught in editing. Every time I write a book now, I go back to look at these editing posts to remind myself of what I’ve learned and what to keep an eye out for. I guess that, plus writing six books, plus the workshops, have really paid off, because Saving the Sheriff required no major rewrites and no repeated bad habits that stuck out as they have in the past.

In fact, about half-way through the MS, I got this comment back from her: “I swear this is like the cleanest, smoothest first draft I’ve ever edited. Thank you! Ha 🙂 ”

The biggest (and only) “rewrite” I had to do on this one was changing a scene where the “bad guy” accosts her in the middle of a dance by taking her out on the dance floor. Instead, I have him accost her as she’s on the way to the bathroom.  Believe me when I say, that was the easiest, fastest rewrite I’ve ever had to do.

Bad Habits
The most frequent comment back – and there were only maybe three spots – were requests to fill in the details a little more – describe the local, or what they’re looking at, or what they’re wearing, or bring in the 5 senses. I had already applied these details for the most part, but apparently got a little lazy toward the end of the book. Fixed!

I was also thrilled to get back some comments from Wendy about the book in general. 

this is all going so great… I really look forward to reading these pages J

OMG girl THIS is what you were meant to write! Wow, not that your others weren’t great, but this one sounds and feels SO natural and just keeps flowing great pace and voice… This is totally your genre 

Thrilled to get that feedback. When you change things up significantly, it’s always a little nerve wracking. But I’ve always wanted to write contemporary romance. It’s been a dream since I started reading them when I was thirteen. Fingers crossed that agents/publishers – and, most importantly, my readers – share Wendy’s views about it!!!

P.S. I’ll also be curious to see if I get similar “clean MS” comments from Wendy when I send her Sarai’s Fortune for a critique next. 🙂

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