Black Orchid Blog Tour: Retrospective

Another awesome blog tour. And, as always, due entirely to Ms. Deejay and the awesome folks at Masquerade Crew Tours! Thank you for the excellent servies! And giant thank you to all the bloggers/reviewers for hosting me!!!

The giveaway of a $40 Amazon gift certificate and eBook copies of the first 3 Svatura books is still in progress. Go to any of the blog tour stops below to enter!

Blog Tour Host Surprise:
Surprise blogger hosts! I’ll be doing a random drawing just from the bloggers/reviewers for a $20 Amazon gift certificate. I’ll announce by July 7th!

Blog Tour Review:
As I mentioned above, I had a great mix of stops and a ton of fun with this tour. Here’s a breakdown of everything that happened in 1 week!

I was thrilled with the reviews I received – way beyond my expectations. I am so happy you all enjoyed the book and hope you’ll keep an eye out for future books from me!

  • One 6-Star Review!
  • Two 5-Star Reviews!
  • Two 4-Star Reviews!
  • 2 Positive Reviews! (not sure of stars lol)

Guest Posts:
The guest post in particular were really fun. And I hit a lot of varied topics.

  • 5 Interviews
  • 3 Top 10 Lists (Desserts, Bad Habits, Princess Bride Quotes)
  • 7 Guest Posts
  • Key Elements of Paranormal Romance
  • Nate Pierce Character Interview
  • The Evolution of Sex in Romance
  • Book Covers: Do People Sell Better?
  • Oh the Drama: The Need for Serious Issues in Contemporary Romance
  • The Appeal of Fated Love
  • Insta-Love: Love It or Hate It?

Blog Tour Stops:
Here are ALL the stops from the tour. Please check them out if you missed any.

Monday, June 23
Boom Baby Reviews (Top Ten Princess Bride Quotes)
Indie Author How-To (Abigail’s Top Ten Bad Habits)
DJ’s Book Corner (Author Interview)

Tuesday, June 24
BooksReviewsandGiveaways (4-Star Review!)
Tome Tender (5-Star Review!!!)
Cabin Goddess (Guest Post – Key Elements of Paranormal Romance)

Wednesday, June 25
The Mad Reviewer (5-Star Review!!!)
Musings of Immortals (Guest Post – Nate Pierce Character Interview) 
Getting Personal (Guest Post – The Evolution of Sex in Romance)

Thursday, June 26
Deal Sharing Aunt (Author Interview)
All In One Place (6-Star Review!!!!)
Books with Leti Del Mar (Author Interview) 
Friday, June 27
Lilly Mac’s Blog (My Top Ten Desserts)
Kimichee (+ Review)
CiCi’s Theories (Author Interview) 

Saturday, June 28
3 Partners in Shopping (Guest Post – Oh The Drama!)
Wining Wife (+ Review)

Sunday, June 29
Second Book to the Right (4-Star Review!)
Bitches Be Writin’ (Guest Post – The Appeal of Fated Love)
Monday, June 30
Danita Minnis (Interview About/With Adelaide Jenner)
Coffee Talk Writers (Guest Post – Insta-Love: Love It or Hate It?) 

Thanks again to Deejay and Masquerade Crew for the great service! And thanks again to all the bloggers/reviewers for hosting me!!! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. 🙂

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