Author Spotlight: Time Out, Valentine by Melinda Dozier (Guest Post!)

time out valentineI am so excited to have fellow TWRP author, Melinda Dozier, visiting me today. She’s celebrating her new release Time Out, Valentine! I had to laugh as I read her guest post because I’m totally with her (on the first two especially). Visit her site on the 29th to see my response. 🙂 Please help Melinda feel welcome!


Hi Abigail! It’s great to be at your blog today. I enjoy visiting other writer’s blogs. I learn so much from others. In fact, since I became an “official” author three years ago, I’ve learned something practically every day. I’ve even become ADDICTED to certain parts of the writing world. Want to know what my favorite parts have been? Check out my crazy list!

My Favorite Top Three Author Addictions

  1. Twitter

I never thought I’d love Twitterverse as much as I do. Not only is it fun, but it is also educational. Anytime I have a question, I can update my status and – BAM – an author friend has an answer. The amount of knowledgeable romance authors on this social network is amazing.

Twitter also has a wealth of chat parties where I’ve met amazing people or had the best laughs. A few chats you might want to check out are THURSDAY night’s #ChickLitChat , or my favorite MONDAY night’s #ManCandyMonday.

I also love to “stalk” my favorite celebrities –ahem— Channing Tatum – cough cough – Chris Hemsworth – grin.

The amount of possible activities you can find on Twitter is insurmountable. You can do anything on Twitter, but my favorite part of it has been the relationships that I’ve formed.  Are you on twitter? How about following me… @melindadozier


  1. Hunky Men

Okay, I’m blushing at this one, but it’s true. With romance writing comes the inevitable hunky men. It’s a tough life, but somebody has to do it. **wink – wink ** A romance writer must do research and with that research comes the photos.

Be it Pinterest, Twitter, Google, other blogs… hunky men are everywhere. And yes, I am working hard at finding the perfect heroes for my readers. You can thank me later. J

My not-so-secret crushes have been Ryan Gosling and David Beckham. You can find their own private boards on my Pinterest account:


  1. Coffee

Late nights (or early mornings) go hand in hand with caffeine. Without coffee, I wouldn’t be able to survive. I have to admit that I’ve always been addicted to coffee, but now I have the perfect excuse: “I’m tired and need to write.” My favorite coffee? I love a good combination of strong dark roasted coffee with a bit of creamer. Starbucks anyone? My faves are Cinnamon Dolce Latte or White Chocolate Mocha. Yum!


I love talking to readers! You can find me at:



My blog:


Now it’s your turn to share. What is your favorite addiction? Leave a comment below!



time out valentine

Lexi’s life is one big dump. Or so she thinks. To keep her mind off her latest breakup, she stays busy with work. It’s no big deal, since writing for Time Out Portland Magazine is a blast…except for the one small snag – Grant Reeds. Grant, a shy but sexy computer geek, is new to Time Out, working as the Networking Director for the online magazine. Even though Lexi thinks he doesn’t notice her, he sure as hell does. The owners have a plan for their upcoming Valentine’s Special, pairing up the two to explore romantic date ideas around the city. Soon, Lexi and Grant learn that the old adage, “Opposites Attract,” can ring true.

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TimeOutValentineTeaserGrant sipped his beer and surveyed the room around them—anywhere but at the siren next to him, with her fancy drink, an umbrella hanging off the side. Overhead lights strobed the room, gleaming in all directions. The DJ announced a new song and a new crowd rushed to the dance floor, leaving them more alone in the back of the room. Thank God.

It was stifling hot. He tugged his collar from his neck and rolled the sleeves of his white button-up. His glasses slid down his nose, forcing him to take them off and put them in his shirt pocket.

Luckily in that part of the room, the music wasn’t so loud that they had to scream to converse. He only raised his voice a fraction to ask her the question he’d been wondering since they set foot in the place. “So, you think this is romantic enough for a Valentine’s date?”

She batted her long lashes in his direction and smirked. “There’s low lights.”

“Yeah and loud music, people all around.” To help prove his point, someone bumped him in the back, pushing him closer to Lexi. His hand circled her waist and rested on her hip.

She sipped the drink, moving the umbrella with her other hand, then licked her lips. “It’sthe place to be. All trendy couples find their way here.” She cocked her head. “What would make it more romantic? Kissing?”

A slow smile formed and he faced her. Not a bad idea. “Actually, yeah.” He placed his bottle on the table behind them, cracked his knuckles and stretched his neck.

She laughed nervously, putting her weight on another sexy as hell foot. “What? You’re gonna kiss me? For real?”

“We need romance.” He grabbed her cup and put it next to his bottle. His gaze dropped to her mouth.

“You kissing me won’t—”

He placed his thumb on her lips. “Shhh. Stop talking so we can be romantic.”



MelindaDozierAuthorMelinda is a multi-published contemporary romance author with books from Crimson Romance, Swoon Romance and The Wild Rose Press represented by Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge Literary Agency. She lives in Guatemala, Central America with her husband/college sweetheart who brings “mucho amor” to her life. Melinda enjoys being the queen of her household and dreams of being pampered fully by her three boys once they are grown. Melinda’s guilty pleasures include reality t.v., traveling, blogging and playing Zynga games.

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    1. So happy to have you on today! Come back any time. And best wishes for the release!!!

  1. Hi Melinda, Great storyline! Time Out, Valentine sounds delicious. I’m putting it on my TBR list. My top addiction – Chatty Matty coffee. Joanne 🙂

  2. What a yummy excerpt and I love your author addictions. I share 2 and 3 with you. Good luck on the book.

  3. I enjoyed your interview and excerpt! Best wishes for a successful book!

  4. Fun post and excerpt. My addictions are different than yours, but still very real: Internet shopping, tea (strong and black) and cute animal pictures! Best of luck for your book!

  5. Melinda,
    I can tell you I have to have music in the background when I’m writing. Writing about WWII I had big bands going and my 60s tale had 60s rock, yeah!

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