Going Cruising!!!

Traveling to new places and trying new things.
Traveling to new places and trying new things.

I am going on a cruise! It’s the Fun In The Sun Cruise sponsored by the Florida RWA chapter. I will be on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Cozumel with a bunch of other romance writers, editors, agents, and speakers. Do you know how excited I am!?!?!

I usually never post about vacations until after they are over, but since I’m going on this one alone, I feel like it’s okay. I get to take a week to focus solely on writing. Not only that, I love cruises. Not only that, but several people in the industry that I stalk…cough…follow will be on it with me. I am particularly excited to get a chance to listen to and meet Rebecca Zanetti, one of my personal favorite authors.

We get to have workshops on everything from basic elements of a successful novel to agent/author relationships and more. We get to have writing time…while on a CRUISE SHIP. This trip was my big splurge on myself this year. I saved up last year to be able to go. My parents are coming out to help my husband with the kiddos and I get to just write and write and write. HEAVEN!!! I know I’ll miss my family, but this was too good an opportunity to miss.

My goals while on board:

  • Learn a lot!
  • Get the first draft of Imogen’s Fury (Shadowcat Nation #3) started.
  • Meet some awesome people!
  • Have fun!

I have set up my social media to post for me in case I don’t get access to free internet often while I’m gone. I won’t get to respond to any comments until I get back though. Look for a post from me when I get back with details on the highlights. See you when I get back!!!

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