Five Word Friday (Feb 27, 2015)

Five Word Friday is my goofy way of sharing what’s top of mind for me each week – usually writing related, but not always. If you think it’s a fun concept, I invite you to reciprocate with your own five words/topics that are top of mind for you – either in the comments below or on your own blog post and share the link.

My five top of mind items for Friday, February 27th, are:

1. Sarai’s Fortune

Got my copy edits. The blurb has been approved. And the cover designer has been assigned!

2. Newsletter

I’ve completely revamped my newsletter. If you want in on extra fun, early announcements, excerpts you can’t get anywhere else, and more giveaways, sign up for my newsletter on my Contact Abigail page.

3. Imogen’s Fury

After an uncharacteristic stall, I’m back on a roll! Hit the 1/2 way point today. 🙂

4. Booyah

I may not have written much this week, but I certainly kicked butt in the “get sh– done” stakes.

5. HOC

That’s right. House of Cards returns this weekend. Let the binge watching commence.


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