My Obsession with Organizing Turns Into a Workshop


I have been an organizer all my life, but I am also not naturally a “neat” person. My mother constantly laments the fact that I became so much more neat and organized after I left home. But she also admits that there were signs I would get there eventually. When I did bother to clean my room, it was an all-out put-everything-back-exactly-where-it-goes effort – including making every drawer and nook and cranny perfect.

As the years have gone by, I have applied this more and more in my life. These days I am an obsessive organizer. I thoroughly enjoy coming up with organizing solutions for the various spaces in my life. I applied this obsession to my job as a business analyst for a major tech company. In fact, I created and delivered classes for my department on topics like keeping your email organized and effective task management. In addition, I’ve turned this passion into a hobby with a website:

I’ve found that this little obsession of mine has benefited me greatly in my life as an author. I’ve created ways to keep on top of the mountain of social media, marketing, writing, workshops, deadlines, projects, and experiments. I keep a monthly social media calendar to help me keep on top of that. I keep special check lists developed from workshops for when I write. I keep checklists for release day planning. And so on and so forth. I’ve finally organized all of this into a workshop of my own which I will deliver this August online (you can register here even if you’re not part of the chapter).

Because I enjoy bringing structure to chaos, I LOVE to organize. I’m not fastidiously neat by nature. I’m also a mom/author/worker bee. So I prefer to find organizing solutions that are simple, easy, and sustainable.  Even if you don’t apply my techniques to your life as an author, they easily apply to other aspects like work, kids, and personal organization. I hope you’ll sign up and join me!

REGISTER FOR MY WORKSHOP: Get Your Writing Life Organized

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